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Transgender Debate - Nuke - 07-23-2013

This is for you, AF.

If a child is forced by the parents (notably LGBT themselves) to undergo a sex change starting at seven years old after claims of consistent wishing to change gender, and finishing at around 13-14 without ever having original-gender puberty, then shown off to the media...

Is this just to advance the LGBT political agenda?

RE: Transgender Debate - RUIN - 07-23-2013

Well, dear, it's all about Jersey Shore policy: "GIVZ YO ASS N DO WUTEVUH TO GET PAPR". I'm sure that they really need a place on Beverly Hills, a shiny car and useless shit that they REALLY need. In other words, they want to be famous, badly. I'm just speaking about this particular case. I mean, why would any parent ruin a life of their young kid just for laughs and giggles? No one, instead, they want to be famous and rich. However, I may be wrong, but it looks to me like I'm right this time.

RE: Transgender Debate - arch-fiend - 07-23-2013

sin's aside i dont really believe you should be able to have a sex change till after puberty, after the chemicals your ment to experence change your body, and if that doesent change your outlook on yourself then you reach the point you should have the ability from my perspective to make your desitions.

sure it is easyer to make the change befor puberty, but no wise man in the history of philosophy has supported taking the easy way. adults these days are handing responsibility over to there kids, paying out the ass for the demands of children these days who want a suger and candy heaven today that are ultimatly doomed to a future fundumentaly worse for it.

im a transexual to the soul, im not a completly average person beyond that either but i know i wouldent be any better of a person if i had a sex change when i was 10 then whenever i do in the future. if parents want kids to be happy they need to get there asses involved in there kids lives when they are trying to enjoy it insted of only when its missurable to there perspective.

RE: Transgender Debate - Nuke - 07-23-2013

Thank you for your valuable opinions, especially you, AF.

RE: Transgender Debate - Nuke - 07-23-2013

On a related note:

Do you believe that these surgeries should be provided for free?

I don't believe in "free healthcare", so I think they should work for their sex changes, and not get them via the welfare system.

Additionally, do you think that this LGBT couple used their child as a political tool?

RE: Transgender Debate - arch-fiend - 07-23-2013

i didint even know they were free, except if you live a year dressed in womans clothing and fufill severals of tests and stuff which id probably fail cuz they prob wouldent let me become one with the knowledge im also a pretty heavy lesbian.

i dont really believe in free healthcare myself

as for the last question my link gave my opinion on. doesent matter the reason, something as basic as sexuality and gender should never be a avocation except on the personal level.

RE: Transgender Debate - Nuke - 07-23-2013

They aren't. There was a petition to include sex change surgery, though.

Also, okay.

RE: Transgender Debate - Demon_skeith - 07-23-2013

What do you mean you don't believe in free healthcare? If I need to go to the doctor for a sickness I shouldn't really have to pay.

Anyways, something like this shouldn't be free (and is no where near cheap.) and shouldn't be done when there so young.

RE: Transgender Debate - arch-fiend - 07-23-2013

(07-23-2013, 02:37 AM)Demon_skeith Wrote: What do you mean you don't believe in free healthcare? If I need to go to the doctor for a sickness I shouldn't really have to pay.

you pay for hamburgers that clog your fat ass's arterys, you gotta pay for someone to look at you pushing 400lb and tell you that you need to lose weight and not listen to them.

in more pleasent terms, its a job, people spend 3 times the years and finances other ppl spend in after highschool education just to get that job. this job means that while your working you can get ill and goto the doctor to keep your job. free stuff exists outside the economic system, the medical indistry has perpose inside that system so in no way needs to be free.

RE: Transgender Debate - Nuke - 07-23-2013

I believe in eliminating all welfare.