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North Korea (DPRK) - Nuke - 01-28-2014

Here's a basic explanation of North Korea at the moment.

The official state ideology consists of three "big" things: humanistic "Juche" socialism (as opposed to materialistic Marxism-Leninism), Songun ("Military-first", explained in further detail later), and "Great Leader" (This is where crazy-ass dictatorial monarchy comes into the playing field, guys!).

I'll just leave humanistic Juche socialism as-is since it's basically yet another socialist ideal but it replaces materialism with humanity and says that man is the primary force of history and such.

Anyway, the "Great Leader" philosophy....

It starts with "Ten Principles for the Establishment of a Monolithic Ideological System". Essentially, they claim this really collectivist crap where the working class cannot think for itself, so the Kims think for them. The Kims are supposedly incorruptible somehow, eternally benevolent...and somehow absolutely perfect with no capacity for mistakes. This has to mean everyone has to believe the same crappy beliefs, obviously. Here they are:

Spoiler: Ten Crappy Principles
1. We must give our all in the struggle to unify the entire society with the revolutionary ideology of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung.

...When the fuck did this guy croak, again?

2. We must honor the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung with all our loyalty.

Again, Kim Il-sung is dead.

3. We must make absolute the authority of the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung.

Why is he still the President as enshrined in the Constitution of North Korea?

4. We must make the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung's revolutionary ideology our faith and make his instructions our creed.

Right...Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism lives on, as the official ideology of the WPK (Workers' Party of Korea).

5. We must adhere strictly to the principle of unconditional obedience in carrying out the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung's instructions.

Obey, sheep!

6. We must strengthen the entire party's ideology and willpower and revolutionary unity, centering on the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung.

This is Kim Jong-un's job, apparently.

7. We must learn from the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung and adopt the communist look, revolutionary work methods and people-oriented work style.

...What the hell?

8. We must value the political life we were given by the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung, and loyally repay his great political trust and thoughtfulness with heightened political awareness and skill.

Like people even in real democratic societies pay attention!

9. We must establish strong organizational regulations so that the entire party, nation and military move as one under the one and only leadership of the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung.

Yes, sheep, follow the strong leadership of the Kim family!

10. We must pass down the great achievement of the revolution by the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung from generation to generation, inheriting and completing it to the end.

Why am I even adding comments anymore?

I think I've beaten the horse dead on this.

Songun is currently being basically phased out...or so Kim Jong-un claims.

Essentially, to preserve the safety of the hermit kingdom from "evil imperialists" like South Korea and the USA, Kim Jong-il (at the time) established a policy where the military led the government. This includes the "National Defence Commission" as the foremost body of the DPRK government according to their Constitution.

Alternatively, you can take the perspective that Kim Jong-il is just fascinated with weaponry or something, as he officially began the Songun era in the 1960s with his first visit to a KPA (Korean "People's" Army) base.

Also, you could say that Kim Jong-il had to consolidate power via the military because his role within the government was basically just military at the time of his father's death.

Moving on, the current claim is that Songun will be phased out in favor of a nuclear deterrent in the future. I suppose that makes some sense.

Right now, Kim Jong-un is eradicating dissidents who oppose his plans, evidently to continue socialist policies and not establish any SEZs like say mainland China (PRC).

Basically, keep being completely totalitarian or be killed for either "corruption" or "counter-revolutionary activities". That's Jong-un's motto!

Anyway, give your thoughts and opinions on this stupidity.