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Qatar-Saudi Arabia dispute - Nuke - 06-22-2017
Qatar, shortly after being exposed as a supporter of Israel (in spite of Arab opposition to them), has been accused of sponsoring terrorism by Saudi Arabia, which is also believed to be a sponsor of terrorism. Trump is playing both sides. The conflict, which at the moment is nonviolent, is growing more intriguing by the day. Qatar relied on Saudi Arabia for food. Now they're getting that from Iran, a country which has a rather tense relationship with Qatar, and Turkey, who own a military base in Qatar, but have been threatened by the Saudis with support for the Kurds, who seek a revolution against Turkey for independence. Djibouti and Eritrea have both backed Up Saudi Arabia, causing Qatar to withdraw its troops protecting Djibouti and allowing Eritrea to seize areas of Qatar. What will happen next? Anyone can guess.