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Who should win the 2019 elections in the world? - Nuke - 01-07-2019 11:32 PM

I've got a list of my favorites that I've compiled. It's not complete yet. By the way, I'm missing quite a few dates--in no small part because plenty have not been set yet! Keep this in mind if you're reading this.

Guinea -- None

El Salvador -- ARENA (Feb 3)
Nigeria -- People's Democratic Party (Feb 16)
Moldova -- Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (Feb 24)
Thailand -- Phalang Pracharat Party (Feb 24)

Estonia -- Centre Party (Mar 3)
Slovakia -- Not really sure but Milan Krajniak sounds good. Plenty other good candidates too. (Mar 9)
Ukraine -- Boyko (Mar 30)

Finland -- Finns Party (Apr 14)
Indonesia -- Prabowo Subianto (Apr 17)
Afghanistan -- No one yet (Apr 20)

Panama -- José Blandón (May 5)
Lithuania -- Valdemar Tomaševski (May 12)
Philippines -- Nationalista (May 13)
Australia -- One Nation (May 18)
India -- Bharatiya Janata Party

May 26 European Parliament elections
Austria -- Free People's Party
Dutch-speaking Belgium -- Vlaams Belang (also nat/reg on this day)
French-speaking Belgium -- People's Party (also nat/reg on this day) Bulgaria -- United Patriots
Croatia -- Christian Conservative Party
Cyprus --
Czech Republic -- SPD (also known as Freedom and Direct Democracy – Tomio Okamura)
Denmark -- Danish People's Party
Estonia -- Centre Party
Finland -- Finns Party
France -- Rally National
Germany -- Alternative for Germany
Greece -- Greek Solution
Hungary -- Fidesz
Ireland -- National Party
Italy -- Lega
Latvia -- Who owns the state?
Lithuania -- Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania
Malta -- Alleanza Bidla
Netherlands -- Reformed Political Party (even though I'm Catholic)
Poland -- Law and Justice
Slovakia -- We Are Family
Slovenia -- Slovenian Democratic Party
Spain -- Vox
Sweden -- Sweden Democrats

Guatemala -- Waiting for the field to emerge.
Denmark -- Danish People's Party

South Africa -- Democratic Alliance

Argentina -- Cambiemos
Canada -- Conservative Party (assuming the electoral laws of Canada are not modified in such a way that would allow another party to realistically have a chance to win seats)
Greece -- Greek Solution
Portugal -- CDS--People's Party
Switzerland -- Swiss People's Party
Ukraine -- Opposition Bloc
Uruguay -- National Party

Poland -- Law and Justice
Israel -- The Jewish Home

Libya -- Said al-Islam Gaddafi