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02-10-2014, 06:04 PM,
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RE: Prostitution.
Revision of my views:

"Obviously human trafficking and all is wrong to the vast majority of the population.

I believe that prostitutes shouldn't go to jail but the "pimps" should go to jail, but some believe that these brothels should be legal. They have some good arguments, admittedly.

They believe that by legalizing the industry, it carries a similar effect to when porn became legal. Regulation would be able to protect the "workers" involved and keep people out of enslavement to these industries.

However, I believe that legalizing prostitution degrades society at large. Girls growing up may, down the road, want to be prostitutes due to the perception of "fun" employment with what would probably be excellent pay. This would further degrade how men view women as a gender. Like how the education system of the USA began encouraging contraception and abortion after they were legalized, they may encourage young women to enter this occupation, especially when they have poor grades and/or good looks.

On top of this, if government regulates it too much (like most American cities do taxi cabs), the effects of legalization would be compounded by the effects of a lesser prohibition. You'd probably have both the negatives of legalization and lesser prohibition because society wouldn't allow child prostitution or anything of that nature. Therefore, while the human trafficking industry would probably die in large part with the legalization of prostitution, it's perfectly rational to think that it would be too harmful."
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