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Ekunia Risk 2210A.D. rule book
05-26-2013, 01:09 AM,
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Ekunia Risk 2210A.D. rule book
1. 2d6 territories are “devastated” and cannot be entered unless renovated
2. Players gain energy based on 1 for every 1000 forum cash with a max of 30
3. Players pick territories. Earth = 1 energy. Sea(one gives player the ability to move to territory’s in that continent) = 2 energy. Moon(one gives player the ability to move to territory’s in that continent) = 3 energy. Lowest cash picks first. The first territory that a player picks will be they’re capital.
4. Players receive a land and diplomatic commander, a space station, and 3 units on each territory
5. At the beginning of each round, players use energy they have accumulated to bid for turn order. Also event cards are used during this period
1. Income: At the beginning of each player's turn, based on the number of territories the player owns and whole continents the player holds, the player gains additional units and energy.
2. Army building: A player has the ability to expend 1 energy to buy 3 units
3. Governing: The player places the units and then has the opportunity to buy additional commanders, cards, and space stations.
4. Card playing: The player may play command cards that he has sufficient energy to activate
5. Battleship move: player can move any battleships
6. Attack phase: if the player successfully takes three contested territories, the player receives one bonus energy and one bonus command card.
7. Power play: the player may move one group of units from any one of the player's territories to any other territory the player occupies, so long as both territories are connected by a path of his own territories.
For the first round the players take turns in the same order they picked territory’s when a player starts there turn the gm will dictate the player’s income that turn
A government player’s first post for his turn has 4 stages: Income, Army building, Governing, and Card playing. After this turn, a player must wait 30 minutes while any other player decides to use a command card that can be used in response to any of these actions. When a player purchases a command card that information will be given to him via pm. Before 12pm east and after 4pm east the time is extended to 1 hour. after 11 pm east the time is extended to 2 hour
A government player’s 2nd post of their turn has 2 stages: Battleship move and Attack phase. After this an hour a player must wait while other players can use there command cards and while battle calculations occur and then more cards are able to be used. when a player makes an invasion he must state the number of units and any commander he wishes to use from 1 territory to the next from all territory’s he’s invading from and to. Before 12pm east and after 4pm east the time is extended to 2 hour. after 11 pm east this phase will have to wait till 6am for results
A government players 3rd+ post (if they plan another invasion) of their turn will allow them to use another command card used before an invasion and describe any 2ndary invasions a player wants to make. After this 30 minutes must be given for any player wishing to use a command card. Before 12pm east and after 4pm east the time is extended to 1 hour.
A player last turn is to make a power play and any command card use used at the end of a turn.

A separatist’s first post will have 3 steps: income, Governing, and card playing. After a separatist plays there cards, they must wait 30 minutes for other players to use cards. Before 12pm east and after 4pm east the time is extended to 1 hour. after 11 pm east this phase will have to wait till 6am for results
A separatist’s last turn is to initiate a revolution if they choose to which gives them a government players 2nd, 3rd+ and last turns. after 11 pm east this phase will have to wait till 6am for results
Commanders: Commanders cost 3 energy each and must be placed into territories that you control. You may hire Commanders to replace slain ones as often as you like (and have energy for).
Land: replaces a die with an 8 to/from land attacks
Naval: replaces a die with an 8 to/from sea, needed for invading new aquatics
Space: replaces a die with an 8 to/from moon, needed for invading new lunar
Nuclear: replaces a die with an 8 always, can reroll 1 losing attack
Diplomat: replaces a die with an 8 defending
Tech marine: replaces a die with an 8 while to/from a battleship, needed for battleship construction (requires a space and naval commander)
Continental bonus: if a player controls a full continent then that player gains units and energy based on the table below
• North America 6
• South America 2
• Europe 5
• Africa 3
• Australia 2
• Asia 7
• Antarctica 2
• US Pacific 3
• Asia Pacific 2
• South pacific: 3
• Southern Atlantic 2
• Northern Atlantic 3
• Indian 3
• Artic 6
• Cresinion 4
• Delphot 4
• Sajon 5
• Darkside
o North luna 5
o South luna 5
Space station
One roll in a territory with a Space Station defends with 8-sided dice. Space Stations are necessary to launch any invasion to the Moon. You still control a territory if all you have in it is a Space Station. However, if you are defending, and your attacker destroys all of your units in a particular territory, leaving only the Space Station, you lose control of the Space Station and the territory. The attacker replaces the defeated player’s Space Station with one of his/her own color. You also receive one 1 unit for each Space Station you control. (This unit must be placed in the territory with the Space Station.) Space stations cost 5 energy each and Purchased Space Stations may be put into any Land territory that you control but you cannot have more than one Space Station in a single territory.
These are territory’s a player picks first. When a player loses a capital they lose half they’re energy to an invader. However this territory and adjacent territories can have diplomacy and land/navel/or space (depending on location) command cards used on them at half price. When a capital is invaded a government can form a new capital in any territory they own, they can also relocate a capital for 5 energy.
Battle ships:
A battleship is a mobile and constructed territory, able to move overtop of other territory’s and invade a territory below. To function these ships must have units on board, these are the only territory’s units can completely abandon and it will continue to float above its last location.
To build a battleship a player need a tech marine commander, and then to announce a location to construct it. It takes 5 rounds to build a battleship but every 3 units present in a territory its built decreases it by 1 till it will be finished in only a single round.
An unlimited number of units can ride a battleship and it has the ability to move 5 territories’ a single round and move over any terrain using space stations to enter the moon. When all the units on a battleship are destroyed then the ship is invaded by the enemy and becomes its own, a battleship can only be destroyed by decimating effects. Enemies can only invade a battleship from directly below it or from a separate battleship but one unit must stay on that separate battleship at all times
Unit and energy income: players gain units and energy for each territory they own based on below, the first number is number of territory’s, and the 2nd is gains a player has from it.
1 3 2 3 3 3 4 3 5 3
6 3 7 3 8 3 9 3 10 3
11 3 12 4 13 4 14 4 15 5
16 5 17 5 18 6 19 6 20 6
21 7 22 7 23 7 24 8 25 8
26 8 27 9 28 9 29 9 30 10
31 10 32 10 33 11 34 11 35 11
36 12 37 12 38 12 39 13 40 13
41 13 42 14 43 14 44 14 45 14
46 15 47 15 48 16 49 16 50 16
51 17 52 17 53 17 54 18 55 18
56 18 57 19 58 19 59 19 60 20
61 20 62 20 63 21 64 21 65 21
66 22 67 22 68 22 69 23 70 23

On each turn you may purchase up to four Command cards. Command cards cost 1 energy each and may all be from the same deck or from different decks, subject to the following:
• You may only buy a Command card if you have the corresponding Commander in play.
• You must purchase all your cards before looking at any of them.
Command cards often cost a required number of energy to activate
The object of an attack is to capture a territory by defeating all the opposing units occupying it. The battle is fought by a roll of the dice. You may only attack a territory that is adjacent (touching) to one of your own.
• You must always have at least two units in the territory you are attacking from.
• You may continue attacking one territory until you have eliminated all of the opposing units, or you may shift your attack from one territory to another, attacking each as often as you would like.
• You may attack as many territories as you would like during one turn.
First announce both the territory you are attacking and the one you are attacking from. Then decide how many units you will attack with. Attackers can roll up to 3 dice per attack depending on how many units he has, defenders get a max of 2 depending on the units they have. When commanders and space stations are present in an attack, they change 1 die into an 8 sided die based on how they are being used.
When initiating an attack, describe how many units are going to be used from your territory, and then they will continue to attack until they are all used or you succeed in invading. The remainder will be what’s left of the invasion force. At the same time as that invasion, other invasions must be announced at the same time and they’re numbers until all attacks are made.
Invading Earth. If you are on the Moon and want to attack Earth, the only way is by use of the "Invade Earth" Space Command card. This card allows you to attack from any Lunar territory to a Land territory chosen randomly by flipping a card from the Land territory card deck. If you end up with forces on the Moon and none on Earth, this card is your only way to return to the planet.
Calling It Off. Sometimes you may declare an invasion and an opponent may play a card(s) that makes it difficult or impossible to win the invasion. Once you declare an invasion, you must attack at least once before calling it off.

When the game starts and a player lacks enough funds to claim a territory, that player becomes a separatist. They must wait for all other player to pick territories before they themselves can. What a separatist does is pick a territory a government player has already formed that has more than 1 unit and then they will convert that unit into a separatist unit.
Separatist units cannot do any of the normal functions government units can and act under government controls in government turns unless separatist command cards are used. These units are always the last units to die when a government uses them. Government units cannot attack there separatist units without command cards as well
Separatist turns are always after a government they habit and on their turn Separatists have the ability to use forum money to buy command cards and they have the ability to buy an unlimited number per turn. During a separatists turn they gain temp forum money based on the number of territories they have units, if they get multiple turns a round they get 50% of there last turn each turn of that round after. The last thing a separatist can do their turn is revolt as long as they have enough money for a single energy when they do.
Revolution: when a separatist revolts, all the units they have instantly become enemies of territory’s they are in and become attacking units, they attack all territory’s they are in unless in an area without government units. After the revolt is over, the new government picks a capital and is able to use they’re energy. Any cards they have are converted into cash that turns into initial energy.
cash income: players gain cash for each territory they have converts based on below, the first number is number of territory’s, and the 2nd is gains a player has from it.
1 100 2 100 3 100 4 100 5 100
6 100 7 100 8 100 9 100 0 100
11 100 12 150 13 150 14 150 15 150
16 150 17 150 18 200 19 200 20 200
21 250 22 250 23 250 24 250 25 250
26 250 27 300 28 300 29 300 30 350
31 350 32 350 33 350 34 350 35 350
36 400 37 400 38 400 39 450 40 450
41 450 42 450 43 450 44 450 45 450
46 50 47 50 48 550 49 550 50 550
51 550 52 550 53 550 54 600 55 600
56 600 57 650 58 650 59 650 60 650
61 650 62 650 63 700 64 700 65 700
66 750 67 750 68 750 69 750 70 750
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