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How many people has Leftism killed?
01-22-2014, 06:12 PM,
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How many people has Leftism killed? -- List of Capitalism's "mass murdering" casualties. It includes doctored statistics made by Jason Unruhe (the MRN/MaoistRebelNews guy), who I will use for the list purely for the fact that I need to match his drastically inflated numbers. For reference, the US Invasion of Afghanistan has yielded under a tenth of the casualties that this guy purported.

Also, restrict discussion in this topic to things like list items and if they should be included. Do not go on about things such as if items were justified or things of that sort.

Anyway, here's the list of deaths!

Wars to spread or maintain Leftism:
Western Socialist Attack on Yugoslavia (according to Jason Unruhe) = 300K
Afghanistan (aftermath of Soviet Invasion, excluding 1989-2001 due to lack of data, but only if you believe Jason Unruhe's stats) = 1.2M
Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan = 1622.5K
Vietnam War* (including Cambodia & Laos) = 10M
Korean War* (according to Jason Unruhe) = 10M
* Both wars caused by the Soviet sphere.
Russian Civil War = 2.72M
Chinese Civil War = 9.75M
First Indochina War (Original Vietnam War) 1946-1954 = 1.75M
Khmer Rouge = 2.035M
World War Two = 85M
Palestinian Invasion of Israel (Arabs, 1947-2002) = 826,626
Philippine Insurrection = 220K
Nanking Massacre = 300K
Spanish Civil War = 400K

Left-wing Oppression:
Romanian Revolution = 1.1K
Socialist FDR's American Concentration Camps of Germans = 1M
US imposed sanctions on Iraq = 1M
Rwandan Genocide = 1M
Franco Regime = 300K
Benito Mussolini regime = 300K
Rebelling Shia Killed by Saddam = 300K
Nazi Holocaust = 12M
Albanian Genocide = 270K
Fascist Independent State of Croatia = 900K
Armenian Genocide = 1.5M
Famine of 1932-33 (Kulak policy and weather) = 7M
Herero and Namaqua Genocide = 110K
Burma-Siam Railroad Construction = 116K
Stalin's dissident suppression = 3M

Left-wing Infighting:
Cambodian-Vietnamese War = 750K
Sino-Vietnamese War = 86.5K

Left-caused disasters:
Post-Communist Chaos in Somalia = 1M
Somali Child Famine Deaths = 29K
Mussolini’s Ethiopia = 700K
Post-Communist Chaos in Russia 1.5M

Left-wing Economic Failure:
Great Depression (America alone) 12M
Children Killed by Preventable Diseases Since 9/11 = 208M
Children Killed by Hunger 9/11/2001-2008 = 235M
Children Killed by Hunger (2009) = 5.256M
Children Killed by Hunger (2010) = 6M
Children Killed by Hunger (1990s) = 100M
Socialism in India (1947 – 1990) = 120M
Mao's "Great Leap Forward" = 50M est.

Left-wing product "rights":
Abortion (est., 1922-2013) = 1.019B
Contraception (est. based on abortions 1922-2013) = 2.3437B

4247142726 Slaughtered by LEFTISM!
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