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Why should you like forums?
02-03-2014, 07:54 PM,
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Why should you like forums?
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Forums are a fairly old medium of interaction on the internet. They predate a bunch of sites, like Facebook and Twitter. So why would you want to use forums?

Forums aren't just some old, outdated form of interaction over the internet. This format is really more like a timeless idea. The first forums weren't so advanced. They didn't have all the speed and features that modern forums have in their software.

However, the standard modern forum (as opposed to the textboard or imageboard) doesn't look all too different, does it? It's more simple, but still follows a highly hierarchical design, such as that of Usenet, where there were eight (or nine with the off-topic "alt.") hierarchies under which people would post with command-line interfaces, which are basically like Command Prompt on Windows today.

This means that the modern forum is simply an evolution of an older concept. They won't die anytime soon. Twitter, Facebook, and all? They're not really going to last forever. The most popular teen social network in the United States by active users is now Tumblr, but how long will that last? Just some years ago, most people thought Myspace was big. Everyone knows where that line of thought went. The internet is rapidly changing, and people are always moving to new places online.

So, why not go with something that won't be going away within a few years? Forums aren't like the latest, coolest car. Their popularity is not high at first to drop off after the next design is released and then become novelty or nostalgia pieces. They're more like a political thesis. They may have their rises and falls and ups and downs in popularity, but they aren't going away because they're old.

You should give forums a try. Maybe you'll like them, maybe you won't. Forums are great for making friends with people on the internet, so there's no reason not to make an account and try to have fun with forums!
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