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Redesign website?
02-08-2014, 12:34 AM,
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Redesign website?
I think the Ekunia website needs to be redesigned. Like, completely.

Although in it's current form, the website has quite a lot of data and provides for people to easily contact people and get information, most people don't want to have to join a forum to get more information about a product.

I'm not saying "Go get rid of the forum entirely". I'm saying there needs to be more to the website than JUST a forum. There should be a whole bunch of pages with:
  • Information about the product
  • Screenshots of the product
  • A non-forum support system
  • An easy non-forum way to sign up for beta or sign up for news about Ekunia products
  • (possibly) testimonials

Additionally, the website needs to look more modern. Right looks like it was made in the 90s. It needs to be redesigned as a more modern-looking website. I'd look into flat design, probably

I'm not necessarily saying that I should design the website (although I would be happy to do it for free), but it DEFINITELY needs to look better if you want more people, not just techies who are interested in the product enough to join a forum, to become interested in the Ekunia products, you're gonna need to make the website better.
-Mark Polyakov, creator of MOSTEM
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02-08-2014, 03:10 AM,
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RE: Redesign website?
This has been discussed like nine thousand and twenty times. It's been beaten to death. We're going to have a new website with the 28/3/2014 launch of Ekunia Social Links.
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