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Akame ga Kill!
09-29-2014, 02:53 AM,
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Akame ga Kill!
Need a mangoes link, if anyone has a legal mangoes site for me to use.

"The great ruthless dark fantasy will now start."

Akame ga Kill is a glorious animoo about the assassins who work for the Revolutionary Army, a Reactionary group seeking to oust the Prime Minister to return power to the Emperor. I love it. This show is everything a Reactionary Rossiyane Otaku could want. I cannot describe the amount of win this show has. It also seems this masterpiece has earned the title "Most Fucked Up animoo of 2014", and I absolutely adore it.

I cannot describe this animoo easily due to the amounts of spoilers, so I hope this post gave you enough hyperanticipation to watch it.
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