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Is Russia Fascist?
12-19-2015, 07:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-19-2015, 07:43 AM by Nuke.)
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Is Russia Fascist?
Due to the fact Fascism is a slur, you cannot take any reductio ad hitlerum seriously. Pro-Russian individuals have denounced the Ukrainian government as "Fascist". The West has literally taken to slurs and started using reductio ad hitlerum as a form of debate, reducing the standard of dialogue for the whole world because they're incompetent baboons.

Anyway, today I'm going to critique an article to start some discussion on if Russia is Fascist, if Ukraine or any other Western country is Fascist, and if this should even be a derogatory slur. If you want to tl;dr, I'll spoiler it, because this post became a giant quickly.

Spoiler :
First thing, the writer (Andriy Lesyuk) opposes Russia. It's fairly obvious from its introductory paragraph where he ridicules Russia using links to Pravda, an opposition newspaper, some Ukrainian Youtuber, and a survey of Russians.

This is all okay to build effect, even if it is a rather unsavory tactic.

Lesyuk's second and third sections specify that the State is in power. He cites Wikipedia and really doesn't do too horribly defining Fascism itself. He also, however, takes measures here and throughout the rest of the article which adjust Fascism into "Ruscism" so it may be a more accurate descriptor of Fascism when Russia does not meet its criteria. The fourth section is an introduction to the substance of the article which could have been merged into the third. He also shows Russia with a two-times thicker, brighter, larger bar indicating "Fascism" when compared to Ukraine, which often has completely empty bars, often ironically indicating a failed state (e.g.: No elements of totalitarianism means the government has failed and cannot enforce its laws.), and excludes any "tenets" which he cannot justify as being fulfilled by Russia.

Next, I believe it is necessary to factor those ideologies opposed to Fascism, particularly on a historic scale (i.e. forced sterilization for criminals and for the mentally retarded being legal in America, with no constitutional reason for its lack of practice), often aren't that dissimilar. In fact, functional governments often resemble each other, and Fascism isn't some sort of dysfunctional schizophrenic LSD trip of a system, even if it's a modern ad hominem. As well, because Fascism is a very unfocused system with only nationalism and some Syndicalist (labor unionist) and perhaps even Socialist or Marxian dogma (i.e. National Socialist German Workers' Party) to justify everything.

Next he talks about nationalism in largely matter-of-fact terms. I really don't care about nationalism, and the only thing worth countering is "integral nationalism", as it seems to be a concept even more fabricated and meaningless than Fascism, not unusual when discussing this really, opposing individuality, supporting a powerful state (presumably statism not intended to be the opposite of anarchism in context), radical extremism (so vague), and the military consuming everyday life in order to make room for economic expansion: not really happening, although they are in a recession right now due to Obama using the emergency oil reserves to reduce gas prices, and inability to collect on international debts -- the real reason for "sanctions".

Russians can feel pride in themselves as much as they want. Most of the problems people have with Fascism relate to the Holocaust or World War II, and Russia really hasn't done anything like that unless you count the fact they didn't give enough reparations to the Crimean Tatars last year. By the way, Ukraine never gave them reparations.

I guess the fact they annexed the headquarters of their largest military base stationed abroad and surrounding peninsula might be like annexing the Saar, too, but you know, they'd need to actually Anschluss the entire country of Ukraine whole to even reach 1936, and really I don't know many people who know the Saar was annexed before, including the German I asked just now, who didn't know that it was annexed before 1941, so it's fair to say no one cares about Crimea as an element of Fascism.

It's also noteworthy that as an American I can say the average American is at least ten times as strongly nationalist as the average person from LDPR who has met me, and Bush acquired 90% approval in 2002. Also, for some reason, Petro Poroshenko Bloc voters who I have met don't say anything like Russians or Americans. They don't say something like "The economy isn't doing well, but it's not too bad for what results we've gotten." or "I will never forget 9/11."; instead, they babble about how Russians are terrorists who held up civvies at the 7-Eleven wearing Svoboda uniforms and Ukraine is a European territory rather than a Russian one in a way which eludes any serious discussion, often using "Oppblok" as a derogatory term, as if they're not voting with their heads but with a gun pointed at their face.

Next, discussing totalitarianism: I believe it. Ukraine isn't a totalitarian state. It's out of control anarchy with an incompetent government unable to control its territory properly outside of Donbass. I haven't seen Svoboda terrorists get imprisoned on the news, although it may simply be too common to be newsworthy. On the other hand, Svoboda is the "Fascist" group that pro-Russian people are trying to ridicule, and the National Guard fighting the War in Donbass looks like this:

[Image: UqMjrer.jpg]

(The flags are America's military organization NATO, a customized Ukrainian flag with Fascist heraldry saying "AZOV", and an Austrian flag with a 100% Nazi swastika.)

Russia has not called Ukraine's government a junta since before the election of the current president, which it recognized. That's the first major thing. He starts this article with an outright lie given this was published six months ago. He also states a junta is a group of militaries, which probably means a group of soldiers. This is not true. A junta is any group of people which takes power by force, including holding the Rada under duress and forcing them to impeach the President, or attacking the Presidential residence when the process of ejection has not been legally completed by a trial in the Supreme Court, which they subsequently declared illegitimate, along with many of its decisions, including the determination that two amendments to the Constitution were unconstitutional -- effectively forcing a change in Constitution and severely breaching the independence of the judiciary. Ukraine's courts are not credible now, and are subject to executive and legislative control. Also, the government of Burma after their military government became a political party was still referred to as a junta, and rightfully so, until their defeat in subsequent elections. There is nothing inherently wrong with a "junta", which Lesyuk acknowledges.

Next, Lesyuk acknowledges Russia isn't actually totalitarian; it just looks like a totalitarian regime in his opinion. True, letting terrorists roam the streets committing violent acts might not be totalitarian, but at least terrorists don't get away with crime, even if laws are sometimes not enforced properly.

Now, where were we?

Mussolini's propaganda ghostwriter "Giovanni Gentile described totalitarianism as “total representation of the nation and total guidance of national goals”."

Is it just me, or did "total control over the daily lives of citizens wherever feasible" just become marketing speak? It just became representing the people and guiding them, didn't it? You know, I could define the government of a country as a body which represents the people and guides its national goals. It's not really special. On the other hand, I'll acknowledge Russia is more authoritarian than the government in this video:

I credit Lesyuk for saying Russia is only "de facto single party" or dominant-party. The most serious challenges to Putin have been Communists and clowns. Lesyuk also links a list of dominant-party states. Did you know that Brazil, Mexico, many areas of the US, Japan (except for a combined total of about four years since 1955), Singapore, South Korea (except during 1998-2008 after the CIA relaxed Cold War election manipulation), Luxembourg (EU), Hungary (EU), Montenegro (invited to NATO this month, joining the EU soon), and Serbia (EU and NATO membership pending) are all dominant-party states? I could include more, but really, what's the point?

Ukraine might as well be a single-party state; look at what those guys got away with doing to a political party that just happened to lose all 32 of their seats those democratic elections, along with the largest "pre-revolution" party with 175 seats, which was dissolved and then re-emerged largely combined with that party with 27 seats, showing the world Ukraine's democracy, people.

I'd also like to add that while Russia has a ton of ideological diversity in the Duma -- Communists of three sorts (China-esque, nationalist, and Marxist-Leninist), pragmatists, Socialists, Stalinists, socially conservative Socialists, Monarchists, right-wingers divided into factions as diverse as Ukraine's conservatives, centrists, and even the very radical nationalists at LDPR, with Prokhorov's quasi-Libertarians likely to get some seats in the next election.

Ukraine has four ruling parties: liberal conservatives, nationalist conservatives, religious conservatives, and another liberal conservative party. No, I'm not making that up. They have a second liberal conservative party. Opposition groups have such widespread ideologies as opposition to EU membership, economic liberalism, Agrarianism (a special interest party for rural folk), and Centrism. By the way, all of them except one support EU membership. Also, parties under 8 members in the Rada aren't listed, but 7 support those Svoboda guys in that video, one supports Russia, and a couple others believe something so unique I can't find what they believe, but they look just like the big four. It is a very multi-party state, with many more parties than Russia.

Also, while I'm not sure if Vova the Clown proposed Vova the Ruler be crowned Emperor, I heard he's also promised free vodka for all to be included in his welfare program, issued edicts on how the ideal Russian is a vegan who worships Russian pagan gods and has sex with his wife only four times per year, told his aides to violently rape a journalist as a joke in response to "sex striking" resulting in her hospitalization due to psychological shock, indicating there may be something more than a joke to that. Also, he was leader of the opposition this guy apparently wants elected until they stopped having a leader of the opposition, which is why Lesyuk claims that it appears the entire Russian Duma is in coalition: There is no opposition, formally, to avoid this guy who's kept a lot of seats since 1993 being its leader.

All Lesyuk says about "personality cult", which is critical to Fascism because Fascist Italy was a Sultanist state with a much more excessive machismo cult of personality surrounding Mussolini (to extents only internet memes remotely simulate today, but rather than that funny face or gaffe, machismo poses from the last speech), is that the media likes Putin. Did you know that the media in America actually made Black Jesus to support Obama before it became a parody of the media's support of Obama? Did you know it was racist to oppose Obama before Obamacare was ruining lives, and the Ku Klux Klan was regularly used as a tool to facilitate this, as the Democrats' paramilitary wing, by issuing condemnations of Obama or renunciations of support whenever necessary to continue allegations that opposition was racist? You might have forgotten over the last few years, but I have not.

Selling comic books and action figures and making a killing as a Capitalist world leader is not performing Stalinist purges.

Lesyuk says in his paragraph on "dictatorship" that United Russia, of which Putin is a member, controls the Duma, Russia's legislature, and has a majority vote. This implies that Britain is a dictatorship because the Tories control Commons. It's bogus. Instead, we see that Putin caves to Russian popular opinion, balancing power between oligarchs who are believed to be more gay than the general population and the people who oppose gays, by implementing a judicial decision banning gay pride parades using a law banning propaganda against the traditional family -- implicitly outlawing homosexual propaganda. This is actually similar to descriptions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that I've seen when reflecting Brown v. Board of Education. He is a proper statesman, doing his job and doing it well. By the way, the top result for "Russian Supreme Court" on Google News right now is overturning a law Putin supports banning adoption of Russian children by Germans.

I don't care about democracy indices. Go tell them to stop using random poll data to determine everything that isn't codified in law or political preferences.

He starts by saying Ukraine is militarist (not militarized) because it is at war and pro-Russian Ukraine before the February 2014 coup was closer to pacifism. Do you think a revolt in two oblasts warrants total war, akin to what your grandma tells you about World War II? Also, if we're not using excessive place of the military in society as a whole but the belief in having a strong and capable military to wage war aggressively, then what is the problem relevant to Fascism? I should also note that Ukraine neither recognizes a state of war nor recognizes that there are occupied territories, but civil-military administrations meant to crack down on terrorism operated by the Anti-Terrorist Center, an organization within Ukraine's equivalent to the FSB or FBI, the SBU.

Also, Ukraine did not attack Russia when Russia was complying with their treaty allowing Russia to station twenty thousand soldiers in Crimea, no. Also, they were having so many problems with defectors that the morale necessary to attack was likely absent entirely. Needless to say, Ukraine probably couldn't have fought Russia anyway, and needed to at least be able to whine that their fuel discount for letting Russia station troops in Crimea was revoked once Russia annexed Crimea.

Russians love military parades, and I'm American and I love military parades a whole ton! They're fun to watch. They're cool. Every Victory Day, I had my fun showing guys at school the parade and getting every reaction from "cool", "Russia's awesome!", and praises to Putin to reporting me to the nearest faculty member for using a military parade to intimidate them. I don't like boring parades like America has, and I guess if I were Russian watching these parades they might get boring too, but it's fun and different and there's nothing wrong with it. Russia, among other post-Soviet countries like Ukraine and Belarus, has done military parades to celebrate WWII as a tradition since 1945 because Russia was a militarist Communist state before, during, and after the war. They are commemorating the people who won the war, and the people who will win the next war. It's a wonderful thing, and I'm fairly certain that unless you prefer praising Hitler on Victory Day, it's appropriate.

Georgia attacked Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It is not proper in modern international affairs to declare nationalist causes for military action, and it is instead more appropriate in modern times to use things like referendums or territorial claims, like for instance Crimea voting to secede and join Russia using the Kosovo precedent or two nearby countries being attacked by another nearby country which claims their territory as autonomous regions. Also, I don't think the world would take kindly to Russia saying they want to annex territories to expand their landmass, gain national resources, or anything along those lines.

Russia has threatened nuclear attacks three times since the end of the Cold War of which I am aware:
1. In response to US politicians calling for direct military intervention or outright invasion against Russia, Russia, RT, and Americans (including Rand Paul) who were alive during the Cold War have often said that attacking nuclear-armed countries is mutually assured destruction.
2. There was a leak that Russia had simulated the effects of nuclear attacks against telecommunications monitoring facilities in Sweden which were involved with Russian citizens' data as part of a joint operation with ECHELON countries as part of PRISM -- in other words, stealing Russian data for military and political means.
3. Russia told Denmark in response to their joining a nuclear organization including the US, UK, and France which would allow them to station nuclear arms on Danish ships that Royal Danish Navy ships would be added to lists of potential targets for nuclear attacks in case of war.

Lesyuk suggests that the fact Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina openly want war with Russia, Bernie "Balkanize the Balkans" Sanders and Hillary Clinton aren't obsessed with attacking believers in a "toxic ideology" of "Christoslavism" and using the full force of the US Military for such excursions, and the fact I see American mainstream media calling for shooting wars with Russia more than blaggurs like him is a "conspiracy theory", to which I counter that Charles Manson using drugged up hippies to kill people in order to bring about the end of the world via an apocalyptic race war known as Helter Skelter named after a Beatles song was a conspiracy theory that was verified in a court of law in the United States.

I add to the fact that calling the threat of having the country invaded is a "conspiracy theory" the fact that Fascist countries generally existed at war, even if I exclude World War II (and as such exclude Fascist countries which spent their entire existences at war). Portugal spent its last 13 years as a Fascist state fighting a coalition of six rebel groups backed by a group of 17 countries, including the Soviet Union, Cuba, the United States, varied African countries (in a war fought primarily in Portuguese Africa), and the People's Republic of China. Portugal was supported by Malawi, Rhodesia, and South Africa while embroiled in this eternal conflict. Spain likewise was embroiled in the Basque conflict for longer than it was Fascist, starting in 1959 and ending in 2011. For Germans, it wasn't a conspiracy theory because Hitler didn't respect the Treaty of Versailles, and the Allies actually threatened war as such. For Italians, their occupation of Ethiopia caused problems for them, and they were threatened by the League of Nations. Fascist Greece was under threat by Italy and was ultimately destroyed by the Axis in WWII. Fascist Austria feared invasion by Germany and ultimately joined it.

Then Lesyuk is cornered on direct action -- a core component of Fascism -- by the video up there where a bunch of his Fascist goons are quite clearly getting away with attacking political opponents, and talks about direct action out of context by referring not to suppression of dissidents using paramilitaries but protests abroad. He also cites the paramilitary gang in Chechnya which swore allegiance to the President of Chechnya personally. This might be OK for him to say if it weren't clearly an offer to deploy them in Donbass; by the way, I haven't heard any word on having them actually deployed to Donbass. He proceeds to list political organizations led by a politician, as if politicians being involved in their political party is the great unknown outside of Fascist countries.

Lesyuk now states that government intervention is equivalent to mixed economics which is equivalent to Fascism. Not quite. Fascism includes Command-Capitalism, which is an extension of Totalitarianism in which the State establishes a de facto planned economy while technically remaining Capitalist, although this may include introduction of Scandinavian-style Socialism, excessive power of labor unions, etc. He subsequently states that Russia wants to be self-sufficient, which apparently is a shared quality with every other country in the world including Fascist countries.

Lesyuk concludes based on the opinion of the Wall Street Journal and Fraser Institute, Russia is "mostly unfree". These are not metrics I have ever seen in use for these purposes and I personally use the Ease of Doing Business Index (EDBI), which rates Russia better than America in almost every way that has something to do with Communism or economic freedom; ironically, this may make it more difficult to file bankruptcy or something, and that may result in Russia being "unfree". Hilariously however, his precious baby Ukraine isn't just "mostly unfree", but absolutely unfree, according to his own sources, despite the fact he justified it with the non sequitur that Ukraine is integrating its economy into the economy of the European Union under its "Multiple Parties Supporting European Integration and Varied Ideologies Integrating the Word Conservative" political system.

Here in the next paragraph, we have a good Conservative who opposes government intervention and perceived Totalitarianism from Russia proclaiming that Maidan was a glorious proletarian revolt against the upper class in a glorious act of Marxian class warfare rejected by the dirty Russian state, which says people should not fight each other over envy of wealth, those Fascists!

Fascism is a Third Position ideology incorporating aspects of the Left such as a controlling state and economic centralization with aspects of the Right such as nationalism and allowing people to own private property. He apparently didn't realize Fascism's categorization on the political spectrum has always been controversial as a whole, and you can read into it for days and never find a cohesive answer. This is one of the most tedious questions in human history, so since Stalinism also integrates right-wing elements (such as banning contraception and abortion), and there needs to be something Progressive inspired by the French Revolution to serve as an opposite to Communism (not really, because opposing the French Revolution is the definition of right-wing, but these are those academics who couldn't get a real job anyway), scholars often label Fascism "far-right", despite the fact Monarchism is the real "far-right", but since Monarchists are rather obscure calling Fascists "far-right" rather than "far-centrist" or "totalitarian centrist" diminishes how prominent they are and often forces them to be socially labelled as a derogatory ad hominem. Remember he claimed that Fascism is not third position to exclude third position as a quality of Fascism to credit his "arguments to justify ad hominem" image.

The new European Ukrainian who will be much greater than old Russian Ukrainian is New Man. Euromaidan itself is the New Man. It proclaims European culture and accompanying American degeneracy as vital to integrate into the character of Ukrainians.

THE FIRST AND ONLY ANNEXATION IN EUROPE SINCE WORLD WAR II if you count the unification of Germany (annexation of East Germany, West Berlin, and East Berlin into the Federal Republic of Germany) as the end of World War II and do not include any actions involving unrecognized and partially recognized states, including the annexation of Ajara by Georgia which is partially in Europe, the annexation of rebel Chechnya by Russia, the annexation of North Kosovo by Kosovo in accordance with the EU's edicts from Brussels, separatist actions such as all the ones in Yugoslavia and the subsequent annexations by separatist states of states which subsequently seceded from them....

This has to be one of the worst things I've ever read. I'm fucking done. Then Lesyuk implicitly acknowledges that America is an imperialist hegemon by acknowledging actions other than territorial expansionism constitute Imperialism, like integrating Ukraine into the European Union which is a US-influenced institution (constituting cultural imperialism) while simultaneously negotiating the TPP and TPIP to control international economic laws and free trade agreements to create massive zones where people are used to doing trade and thus are unlikely to trade outside of such zones giving more power to the largest economy within said zone: America. Then I can go on about how the Anglosphere is unified in intelligence under the UKUSA Agreement and open up the can of worms that is all the bullshit he tries to connect to Fascism via Imperialism which has nothing to do with either and happens to associate to Russia, and has for hundreds of years. This guy might as well tell Brits they should stop reading Victorian literature.

Finally resuming the core tenets he discussed in that fourth section he devoted to how he'd define Fascism, Lesyuk says that because Russia doesn't approve of gay marriage or feminism, they are Fascist. He proudly declares this, despite the fact Stalin distinguished Communism from Fascism by essentially calling Fascism gay for having monuments to homolust, despite the fact Ukrainians attack gay pride parades and oppose the LGBT movement just as much as Russia, as their police may be able to explain. Also, Russians not approving of Anita Sarkeesian and believing in ordinary gender equality is basically anti-fascism, and everyone knows it. You can go worship a bunch of women who believe in Matriarchal Fascism all you want, and you can come to America to have sex with them, maybe date them too! They won't marry you because that's antifeminist patriarchal symbolism and "a social construct" rather than biologically hardcoded into the nerve cells of her lower body.

Nazi Monument to Homosexuality:

Despite the fact there may be less women to give birth to my children, I'm abstinent so it's no issue! Ukraine's junta is obviously seeking palingenesis: They've been proclaiming it from the start, although it got lost rather quickly in the midst of focusing the state on a rebellion in Donbass and the nation going into default. I won't pick on the USSR part because the Russian Empire was the greatest and you stupidly cannot maintain this in your article, having earlier pointed out that they want to bring back the Empire. You have effectively confessed, now, that they don't really care about the USSR. They care about rebuilding Russia after Communism failed. You also happened to cite a pro-Western source, indicating it is not Putin, but you who longs for a new USSR, especially after you promoted class warfare, Lesyuk. Good grief, but wait, there's more!

"The ruscism (like any other form of fascism) has some distinctive features – for example, close ties with Orthodox Christianity. But, the most prominent such feature is:"
I forgot Ruscism was a term and not the name of his website at this point. This writing is horrendous. I'm AVGN for Poroshenkoniks now. Here he declares his "Ruscism" to be Clerical Fascism but who cares about whatever justifies this when they don't even implement Orthodox beliefs like the fact abortion and IVF should be banned as law?

Falangism gradually became non-Fascist as it came under the influence of the Monarchists who later introduced democracy to Spain in 1975.

Next, Andriy claims that not declaring itself Fascist in line with what he calls them is part of a broader effort to create a state ideology based on hypocrisy. That's right. I'm not saying that again.

Then Russia offers gas at a fair price, cuts the discount from renting Crimea from Ukraine, and gives them a discount to try getting them to buy gas so that the people of Ukraine can have it, rather than going without gas in the cold every winter for a tyrant to score international political points. Poroshenko refuses to buy from Gazprom at all the other times of the year without the Crimea discount (apparently believing that Russia cares enough to give back Crimea to help his people rather than killing him to help them directly), buying oil and gas on the black market instead, and this probable shill can't tell you the difference between charity and a fair price. Likewise, I didn't see when Putin was defeated and dragged kicking and screaming into an allied capital to negotiate a settlement in Donbass.
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