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Evolution: Fact? or presumption?
08-12-2016, 12:48 AM,
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Evolution: Fact? or presumption?
To begin this thread I'd like to say that my religious beliefs are beside the matter for the most part, however, my proposal does assert that life as we know it is impossible without intelligent influence, but beyond that I wont get more specific. I'm remaining impartial with the exception of real, empirical facts. My personal view is that evolution is simply disproven by basic scientific laws and simple observation. There are six different kinds of evolution (the first four are rarely discussed because they utterly destroy the possibility of "natural" (uninfluenced) "evolution". I'll give evolutionists the luxory of granting them the impossible (the first 3 types) for the sake of actually having a debate.
Cosmic evolution
Chemical evolution
Stellar evolution
Organic evolution
Macro evolution
Micro evolution (variations within species and adaptations, the only form of evolution that's actually been witnessed and scientifically proven).
Organic evolutionary theory suggests that life began from a pool of water and various gases in combination with sunlight and hundreds of millions of years. "Simple" single celled organisms were the first living things. As you can see there's no such thing. One cell has literally millions of components, enzymes, proteins, amino acids and incredibly complex DNA structures that require complete, instantaneous form in order for the organism to function or to be formed in the first place.
I've written enough though, please do ask more questions or for those other skeptics of evolution, please add further valid points.
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RE: Evolution: Fact? or presumption?
To me, God put together the first organisms and influenced, alongside the rest of the universe, evolution. I'm also highly skeptical of horizontal gene transfer, and many modern racial theories.
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