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Explanation for why there are no updates.
08-15-2016, 06:43 PM,
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Explanation for why there are no updates.
For a long time now, updates have been scheduled to occur at least weekly, or at very least, more than biennially. Of course, it's been years since updates were posted regularly. This one is largely of a personal nature, although it's still a bit of a status report.

Here's an explanation for why, for all those who still browse now and then.

I don't have enough time on my hands. I need to work do a lot of work for the family business, apply for jobs, devote lots of time to exercise and losing weight (walking my dog etc.), learning Russian, etc. But on top of all that, I have more things. Among these, I've only managed to get enough time into my health and the family business -- so, at least I've lost weight. These issues are compounded by the fact that, by pure bad luck alone, I tend to be needed for emergencies with the family business on days I intend to devote to Ekunia, every time. This is the first week to which I have been able to get anything done myself in months, and even then it's just marginal stuff like this topic and a draft. Most of my time for Ekunia currently goes to cleaning out obsolete product-related materials (especially those in the staff forum) and clearing out old drafts, of which I currently have 41.

Including the fact I sleep for roughly eight hours per day, since I always sleep past the alarm or fall over into bed (because my chair is broken) and back to dreamland or my mom picks the lock on my door and turns off my alarm clock, this leaves me with a very small amount of time to take care of Ekunia. As well, Ekunia's lack of progress during my teens essentially became a hindrance sometime by 2014 (when I was planning to start working full-time on Ekunia, but couldn't find a single volunteer programmer), and now threatens to kill the company entirely due to the fact I look like a fucking moron. I've learned a whole ton, thankfully, but it seems like that permeating infection of Defeatism that penetrates everyone who would ordinarily have a chance to work for Ekunia kills it. As well, it's hard to say how much time is actually available for Ekunia, since a lot of the time these days, I just get distracted by the latest political news, video games, or animoo. Those take up more of my time than Ekunia. I suppose some leisure like this keeps my sanity with me, but it's still taking way too much of my time.

But here's what I need to do in all my Ekunia time:
1. Fix the current site, which has severe database issues after the failed migration to MyBB 1.8, and MyBB's subsequent failure to provide support. This also includes fixing accounts which were broken in our prior move from ZetaBoards to MyBB.
2. Inspect varied platforms on which the new forum software will be made, and eventually select one. This involves actually learning a ridiculous plethora of server-side toolchains, and gradually picking which is the best one. We had previously selected one and decided to use NodeBB as a base, but due to a combination of the fact forking GPL'd software and making a technically-legal proprietary fork via a loophole (Open-sourcing is not mandatory for websites, only computer programs, to be simplistic.) is rather immoral/sketchy and the fact node.js apparently has a rather poor environment of packages available via NPM, as well as the fact I couldn't get any volunteers, that was scrapped. These are all serious factors, alongside "Which is the easiest to run as a sysadmin?" and varied performance factors. As such, it's taken forever to come up with a platform.
3. Migrate Ekunia to the new forum software, without damaging any data.
4. Find volunteers.
5. Get Ekunia Fusion development back on track.
6. Revive the forums. This is being severely hindered by my change in personality since 2014. You know, when I went from a troll personality to a more timid personality.
7. Start new peripheral sites to bring new revenue to Ekunia. (We only have one, a Pokemon calculator, at the moment, and its programmer jumped ship ages ago. Not sure if I even have the sources.)

There's also some other stuff that's taking up my time, like the fact I want to do some freelance programming. I also need to get more planning done for Ekunia's games, including -- of course -- plans for all of its graphics.

There's also a few other factors like the fact I want to find a business partner and the fact I want to find a girlfriend. I've also had essentially a back to back string of crises in my life since 2014, such as an incident where I acquired dementophobia, my cat's declining health and death, the death of my stepfather, etc. I suppose you could also include losing all my friends between all these.

I'm gradually getting myself motivated again, and will hopefully soon cease to need to devote so much time and effort to taking care of my health.
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