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Which Republicans are Anti-Trump? Here's a list.
11-08-2016, 06:20 AM,
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Which Republicans are Anti-Trump? Here's a list.
At the moment, many Establishment Republicans -- largely Business Conservatives backed by megacorporations -- are defecting en masse over "lewd comments" by Donald Trump. Most of these candidates also opposed Trump during the primary campaign; this is generally not included due to the amount of space it would consume. All Representatives are up for re-election unless they have decided to retire. I got the original list from 4chan.

Note for anyone who isn't a Trump supporter who may be reading this: Mike Pence is a Republican who supports Donald J. Trump for President. #DumpTrump and related movements advocate changing the ballots in some states to make Mike Pence the Republican candidate for President (stripping ballot access from Donald Trump), a resignation of Donald Trump where Mike Pence would become President, or another route such as defunding the Trump campaign and rerouting funds to other campaigns, like Senate and House of Representatives campaigns. Some even support other candidates, but this is generally not the case, since they are all Republicans.

This list also includes some information to help voters come to a decision on if they should rescind support from these candidates in their area.

Since I really got caught up procrastinating, this got gutted. Here's an extremely late "JUST IN TIME" post!

[Image: 4lOQ24a.png]
(Representative Joe Heck, Senate candidate, announcing that he wants to #DumpTrump.)

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH) (endorsed by Trump in her Senate primary, running for re-election this year, will write in Mike Pence)
Gov. Robert Bentley (AL) (will not vote for Trump, not up for re-election in 2016 due to term limits)
Rep. Bradley Byrne (AL) (#DumpTrump, up for reelection)
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV) (says #DumpTrump should be
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT) (#DumpTrump),
Sen. Mike Crapo (ID) (#DumpTrump, up for re-election this year)
Gov. Dennis Daugaard (SD) (#DumpTrump, not up for re-election in 2016 due to term limits)
Rep. Rodney Davis (IL)
Sen. Deb Fischer (NE)
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (NE)
Sen. Cory Gardner (CO)
Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ)
Rep. Kay Granger (TX)
Rep. Cresent Hardy (NV)
Gov. Gary Herbert (UT)
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA)
Rep. Joe Heck (NV) (#DumpTrump)
Spoiler :
He's actually running for Senate rather than seeking re-election as a Representative. He supports amnesty, opposes Trump's proposed border wall, opposes the Iran deal, opposes Obamacare, and opposes federal funding of abortion. He is conservative on economic and fiscal issues. He also supports decreasing civil liberties in order to prevent terrorism. /spoiler]
Rep. Frank LoBiondo (NJ)
Sen. John McCain (AZ) (#DumpTrump) [spoiler]He's up for re-election again.
Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN)
Sen. Rob Portman (OH) (He's literally jacked Hillary's campaign slogan.)
Rep. Dave Reichert (WA)
Rep. Tom Rooney (FL)
Rep. Martha Roby (AL)
Rep. Chris Stewart (UT)
Sen. Dan Sullivan (AK)
Sen. John Thune (SD)
Rep. Ann Wagner (MO) (#DumpTrump, up for re-election, and proposed a law banning victims of sexual abuse from benefiting from their status for advertising purposes)
Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA) (#DumpTrump, liberal Republican up for re-election in a competitive district which is not likely to go Democratic this election)
Rep. Charlie Dent (PA) (#DumpTrump; up for re-election but not in a competitive district, and won unanimously in 2014)
Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) (#DumpTrump; not up for re-election until 2018)
Rep. Will Hurd (TX) (#DumpTrump; very little information about him is easily available and I don't have much time, but it seems this man just wants cash for his campaign and votes from demographics which disapprove of Trump. He lives along the US-Mexico border.)
Gov. John Kasich (OH) (not running for re-election due to term limits)
Rep. John Katko (NY) (#DumpTrump) [spoiler]He's up for re-election. He supports barring funding from abortion services which charge money for the organs of the aborted children in order to subsidize lower-cost abortions. He has passed eight laws in total, including one which passed nigh unanimously, more than any other new Representative elected in 2014.)
Rep. Steve Knight (CA) (#DumpTrump; I'm not even going to tell you about this A-hole. It looks like he literally did this for the sole purpose of getting more cash for his campaign since he wants a substantial part of Trump's campaign funds to be redirected to his own campaign. Also, for some reason, it's not easy to find info on him. I'm out; I've got more politicians to tell you about.)
Sen. Mike Lee (UT) (#DumpTrump) [spoiler]He's up for re-election:
He opposes regulation of carbon emissions, supported the government shutdown, and opposed aid to Flint for its water crisis. He also supports raising the retirement age to 70 gradually. He opposes amnesty but also opposes a US-Mexico border wall.

He has also proposed territorial abortion bans for viable fetuses that can live independently of their mother, reducing taxes on foreign earnings from 35% to 5%, a balanced budget amendment, a cap on spending increases, a bill allowing FICA deductions in exchange for later retirement, an exception to the estate tax for small family farms, a bill to reform the Federal Reserve System, a bill to repeal NFIB v. Sebelius by clarifying that the individual mandate is not a tax, wildfire prevention in at-risk forests (not restricted to National Forests and National Parks etc.), exempting gold and silver currency from taxes, abolishing the Ex-Im Bank, a tax reform bill with only two brackets, increased mandatory overtime pay, a prohibition on arresting or fining opponents of gay marriage, cuts to federally-financed flood insurance from second homes, tax loopholes for alternative energy (including nuclear power), and repealing the Davis-Bacon Act.
Rep. Mia Love (UT) (#DumpTrump, faced right-wing opposition in 2014)
Spoiler :
She's up for re-election. She is a very fiscally conservative Representative, supporting virtually all cuts to federal spending. She opposes increased gun control. She supports amnesty and is an anchor baby.

Gov. Susana Martinez (NM) (not up for re-election)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK) (#DumpTrump)
Spoiler :
She's up for re-election:
She voted to expand CHIP, opposes expanded federal gun control, has a 100% approval rating from the Alaskan natives' lobby, opposes Obamacare, supports expanded hate crimes legislation, opposes affirmative action, opposes Don't Ask Don't Tell, and supports drilling at ANWR. She opposes amnesty but does not support a border wall.

Gov. Brian Sandoval (NV) (term limited and will not run for re-election)
Rep. Fred Upton (MI) (#DumpTrump)
Spoiler :
Up for re-election:
Generally conservative, opposes net neutrality, supports some environmental regulations including to reduce carbon emissions, supports increased video game ratings regulation, opposes gay marriage, etc. However, he has voted for amnesty for illegal residents.

Rep. Justin Amash (MI) (#DumpTrump)
Spoiler :
He's up for re-election:
He opposes surveillance, federal aid for poisoned water supplies in Flint, Obamacare, decreased energy regulation, federal funding for abortion, and attacks against ISIS. He abstained from voting to defund abortion. He supports gay marriage. He supports amnesty.

Gov. Charlie Baker (MA) (not up for re-election)
Rep. Mike Coffman (CO) (#DumpTrump)
Spoiler :
He supports amnesty for illegal residents. He supports abolishing the Selective Service Program. He opposes granting legal personhood to unborn children. He opposes abortion of children who can live outside of the womb. He co-sponsored a law requiring that states in the South get federal approval for any new laws in regards to their electoral affairs and giving the Attorney-General power to conduct redistricting in these states.

Sen. Susan Collins (ME) (not up for re-election until 2020)
Rep. Carlos Curbelo (FL) (He's up for re-election but does not seem to be in a competitive district; I can't find much info about him. He might oppose Trump due to Latino sentiments against Trump.)
Rep. Bob Dold (IL)
Spoiler :
Up for re-election:
He is endorsed by the HRC lobby for LGBTQ, supports amending Congressional rules to prohibit ever speaking against ending federal funding for abortion in Congress, supports aborting children that can live on their own without support of their mother, supported the Democratic tax plan in 2010, supports granting amnesty to illegal residents, supports gay marriage, supports new laws for global warming, supports mandatory background checks for personal gun transactions between private individuals, supports stem cell research, and supports amending Obamacare rather than repealing and replacing it.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) (not up for re-election until 2020)
Rep. Richard Hanna (NY)
Spoiler :
Endorsed Hillary Clinton. Up for re-election:
He opposes tax simplification (lowering tax rates while elimating loopholes), supports legal abortion other than some cases of partial birth abortion, supports federally funded abortion, and held an event supporting passing the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution 30 years after its ratification period ended in 2012.
Sen. Dean Heller (NV) (not up for re-election until 2018)
Gov. Larry Hogan (MD) (not up for re-election until 2018)
Rep. David Jolly (FL)
Spoiler :
Running for re-election:
He rewrote his Wikipedia article into a campaign advertisement and then got caught, has attended concerts and fundraisers hosted by the Church of Scientology, supports gay marriage, supports extending the current partial ban on off-shore drilling, supports extending the reforms of the flood insurance program, supports expanding veterans' health insurance, supports the Guantanamo Bay military prison and naval base, supports increased government surveillance on suspected potential terrorists, increasing vetting for legal immigrants, deploying special forces overseas and on the border, and supports continuously raising the debt ceiling.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL) (Running for re-election, but the Democrats have not fronted a candidate to run against him)
Sen. Mark Kirk (IL)
Spoiler :
#DumpTrump, up for re-election this year:
He supports federally-funded abortion, supports third-trimester abortion of children who can live outside of the womb, voted against DADT, supports gay marriage, supports expansion of affirmative action and hate crimes legislation to LGBTQ, prohibition of gender-segregated bathrooms in private business, rated F by the NRA, supports putting missile defense systems on commercial airliners, supports the Ex-Im Bank, supports Merrick Garland's nomination to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, and votes far-right on economic issues.

Rep. Reid Ribble (WI) (#DumpTrump, retiring based on a pledge he had made prior to not run for re-election after his fourth term)
Rep. Scott Rigell (VA) (decided not to run for re-election, endorsed Gary Johnson)
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL)
Spoiler :
Up for reelection with opposition, unopposed last election:
She supports blockading Cuba and strengthening aid to Israel, supports gay marriage and anti-hate crimes legislation for LGBT, supports making the Patriot Act permanent, opposes stem cell research, supports ANWR drilling, and opposes CHIP [Children's Health Insurance Program].

Rep. Mark Sanford (SC) (up for re-election, but his last election was uncontested; no data available)
Sen. Ben Sasse (NE) (#DumpTrump, not up for re-election until 2020)

Defeated Presidential primary candidates
Carly Fiorina, businesswoman, former CEO of HP and Lucent technologies.
Former Governor Jeb Bush
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