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Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease.
11-06-2016, 02:25 PM,
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Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's disease, based on the fact she was being emailed about her treatment in the WikiLeaks emails, and this has been theorized by numerous doctors. The doctor show on Clinton Narrative Network (aka Communist News Network) actually got discontinued because Dr. Drew attempted to do an episode on Clinton's health, which adds evidence to the claim.

This has a serious impact on Hillary Clinton. She could be unfit to be President purely due to this. Now, just having bad motor functions would be OK -- but remember, Parkinson's is a central nervous system issue with serious neurological symptoms.

Hillary's executive functions, including her ability to plan, think flexibly, exercise good judgment, and recall from short-term memory are severely hindered by Parkinson's disease. As well, Parkinson's disease causes rapid deterioration of the brain in elderly people (Hillary is 70 years old.) and we're talking about a woman who will be older than the shortest-lived President to be elected to office, who croaked in like a month. This absolutely makes Clinton unqualified and unfit for the Presidency. Trump seems to at least be in good health, and even if he dies, Mike Pence seems like he'd be a good President! Tim Kaine, on the other hand, seems like an awful President. He thinks Trump has a personal Mount Rushmore of dictators... but I'm getting derailed here.
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