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What has Trump done as President?
12-19-2017, 01:33 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-19-2017, 03:49 AM by Nuke.)
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What has Trump done as President?
This is based on and texts by the Pastebin user GodEmperorTrump.

Here's what President Trump has done in 2017 -- just so you know.

Did you know that President Trump has reduced the debt, a little?

President Trump reduced the federal government's debt by roughly one hundred billion in 2017, the largest continuous, uninterrupted cut to the debt of all time; however, despite this decrease, there is still a net deficit for the year, and the debt ceiling was increased in part to cope with Puerto Rican relief efforts. However, the deficit was still lower than projected, and due to the fact that the first part of the fiscal year was under former President Obama, Trump's total increase to the government debt after the debt repayment period ended was only twenty-eight billion total; including the amount that Obama spent in 2017 budget before Trump was inaugurated, about 171 billion dollars out of the 503 billion expected deficit. Since the 2017 budget ended, the debt has increased by a further 45 billion dollars; in total, since President Trump was inaugurated, the debt has increased by about 73 billion. It's highly likely that these unexpectedly low deficits could continue through future budgets under the Trump administration as well.

The cause of the federal debt decrease -- besides the fact that the federal government obviously paid off some principal given the USG always pays back its interest -- is not yet known or publicly announced.

It could be because of the fact that there have been widespread audits to locate wasteful expenditures under the Trump administration and efforts to save money by agency executives who have more experience with attempting to balance the budget than previous administrations--such as businessmen--may actually be much better at not overspending than previous administrations' agency executives.

It could also be due to the fact that many Trump executive orders issued in January involved cuts to spending, including a moratorium on most federal hiring between January and April, executive orders reducing spending on enforcement of the individual mandate and other parts of Obamacare, environmental regulations for US infrastructure projects, and regulations created by the executive branch. Another cut Trump did during this period is the defunding of foreign abortion organizations, which saves nine billion United States dollars per year.

Or it could be related to not taking out more loans, or simply refinancing old debts so that interest rates would be lower. We don't really know.

Please note, if you're thinking any of that sounds unconstitutional--I did not list anything that has been found unconstitutional in there, and reducing wasteful spending by executive order is actually fairly common, and in the 90s there was even a proposal to allow the President to veto individual budget items that he disliked, despite the fact that the Congress was Republican and the President was Bill Clinton, a Democrat.

(Intragovernmental Holdings means government debt; debt held by the public means debt owned by US citizens; total public debt outstanding means both.)
(The budget bill regarding disaster relief in Puerto Rico that I cited earlier)
Executive Orders 13765 through 13771
Line-Item Veto Act
(federal foreign abortion cuts)
(hiring moratorium)

Did you know that the economy is improving under President Trump?

While it is still the first year of the first term as I'm posting this, Republicans are ironically sort of gaining here from a precedent they tried to set while Obama was still President--rather than blaming Bush, they wanted to hold Obama accountable...and so, rather than crediting Obama, this time credit goes to Trump. Funny, right? But if you want to credit Obama for this stuff yourself, well, let's see if the improvements persist.

The American GDP grew 3.3% in the third quarter of 2017.

Government spending as % of GDP is almost down to pre-2008 levels.

Exports have hit a 2.5-year high.

Inflation has reduced to just 1.7%.

Gas prices reached a 12-year low in 2017.

In the Trump era, US businesses are seeing their best earnings in 13 years.

Net worth for households rose 1.8%

The trade deficit falling faster than expected under President Trump.

US oil exports are at an all time high, and coal exports are up 60%.

And finally, the economy has reached its potential, or optimal, output. This is an important marker of complete recovery from the Great Recession. Economic output can still increase beyond its theoretical potential, but not for extended periods of time--though America's economic output potential is growing at the moment, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Did you know that unemployment is shrinking under President Trump, and wages are increasing?

America reached a 44-year low in jobless claims this year.

The US reached a record 6 million job openings in June, compared to 6.8 million Americans looking for jobs that month.

Small businesses have fiscal confidence, and have started a hiring and spending spree boosting the economy.

2.2 million jobs have been created since the Presidential election in November 2016.

13 states are at their lowest unemployment since the federal government began recording state-level unemployment statistics.

Summer Youth Unemployment was at its lowest level since 1969 in the summer of 2017.

Black Unemployment reached its lowest in 17 years in June.

Hispanic Unemployment has reached its lowest level since 1973--the first year that unemployment was recorded by race and ethnicity.

Goldman Sachs projects that unemployment will drop to lowest since 1969. Let's hope they're right this time.

The manufacturing sector is expanding at its fastest pace in 13 years!

Summer employers hired Americans and raised wages amid visa squeeze, rather than paying foreigners lower wages.

The recession is finally ending for "uneducated" workers.

According to the United States Census Bureau, median incomes are climbing for the first time since 2007, ending a decade of wage stagnation.

Blue-collar wages are surging thanks to the President's job growth agenda.

Job Satisfaction reached its highest level since 2005 over the summer.

1.5 Million Fewer on Food Stamps
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12-19-2017, 02:34 AM,
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RE: What has Trump done as President?
Here are more economic accomplishments with Trump as President!

The DJIA or DOW closed above 24,000 for first time (24,272.35) in November--the 63rd record high of 2017.

Since Trump’s election, all three major stock indices have increased by over 20%.

US second quarter GDP growth was revised to 3.1% -- America's fastest growth in more than two years!

US Third-Quarter Growth Revised to Three-Year High of 3.3%.

As of December 18, the forecast for real GDP growth in Q4 2017 is holding steady at 3.3%.

According to the Federal Reserve, household wealth in America has reached a record high of $1.7 trillion due to rising property values and financial gains.

US new home sales have surged unexpectedly, hitting a 10-year high in October.

DJIA: first eight-quarter winning streak in 20 years

The stock market boom has increased U.S. wealth to $96.2 trillion.

Now, what do you think Trump did in 2017? Most people don't know about all of the President's actions as President this year. If you read the first post, you already saw some, but here are some more you might not know about.

President Trump issued an executive order instructing US federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for each new one--encouraging the deletion of unnecessary regulations and caution when adding new ones that may not be good ideas.

Trump pulled America out of the TPP, which is opposed by many on both the right and the left. Remember all that "TPP is gonna end the world!" stuff? I hope you noticed that it's over now!

Trump pulled America out of the Paris Accord, which is projected to save billions in taxpayer money and increase the GDP by trillions over the next forty-three or more years, and put American industries first by creating and maintaining millions of industrial jobs.

President Trump ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to allow the building of the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, expanding US and Canadian energy infrastructure and creating thousands of jobs in oil refining.

President Trump issued a "Buy American, Hire American" executive order restricting guest worker visas and requiring more agencies to buy more goods and services from American companies to facilitate US private sector job growth.

The President signed a multi-billion relief package in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma, including a short-term suspension of the debt ceiling and money to keep the government running for the next 3 months.

The President signed an executive order that requires all federal agencies to create task forces to look at and determine which regulations hurt the economy.

President Trump signed an arms deal worth more than $350 billion and various other investment agreements with Saudi Arabia.

President Trump has commenced renegotiation of NAFTA, and has stated he is open to withdrawing America from it entirely.

President Trump is pulling huge amount of funds from the UN and is seeking to pull billions more.

President Trump has signed an Executive Order that gives the Treasury Department new authority to target companies and institutions doing business with North Korea

America has withdrawn almost $300 million in foreign aid to Egypt.

President Trump has issued a new memorandum to protect American intellectual property from China - potentially saving billions of dollars and millions of jobs.

Did you know about these companies and countries importing American products and companies coming back to America and hiring Americans rather than offshoring thanks to the Trump agenda?

Broadcom is moving its headquarters from Singapore back into the United States; more than 20 billion dollars in annual revenue will return to America.

Singapore Airlines agrees to buy $13.8 billion worth of Boeing jets.

Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump oversaw signing of US$253 billion in trade deals this year.

President Trump increased tariffs on Canadian lumber by 20% (worth $1 billion) to offset the price reductions caused by the Canadian government's subsidizing their industry, and level the playing field against US lumber.

President Trump has resuming trading natural gas and beef with China, which is anticipated to cause an increase in exports.

China is now importing American coal and rice for the first time ever.

America negotiated new sugar deal with Mexico to bring their industry into regulatory parity with the United States.

America is exporting pork to Argentina for the first time since 1992.

America is now selling energy resources to more countries in Europe, such as Poland and Lithuania.

Durable goods rose 2.2%, more than double the expected 1% increase.

Did you know that a whole lot of people are confident in the economy and such under the Trump administration?

Economic confidence is at a 9-year high.

CEO confidence is at its highest since 2014.

The US Manufacturing Index is at a 33-year high.

Manufacturer confidence is at a 20-year high.

Home builder confidence is at a 12-year high.

Consumer confidence is up and reached a 17-year high in November, and consumer sentiment is up a lot too!
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