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100 Ways PoC Can Make Life Less Frustrating for Whites
06-24-2018, 04:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-06-2018, 04:39 PM by Nuke.)
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100 Ways PoC Can Make Life Less Frustrating for Whites
Inspired by this response, I have decided to make an even better one--completely focused on the fact that the original writer of the original 100 ways article is pretty much racist against white people.

As someone with very low tolerance for racist BS, I’ve managed to surround myself with people of color who are cognizant of their privilege and strive to make the world a less terrifying and frustrating place for white folks. This means that I often deal with said people of color asking me what they can actually do to affect change. So here, anxious nonwhite friends, are 100 simple ways to be the change. It's not nearly comprehensive, but it's somewhere to start. Go forth and disrupt our harmful racial paradigm!

1. Just because you don't see anti-white racism around you doesn't mean it isn't happening. Trust people of color’s assessment of a situation.
2. Don’t assume that all whites share the same views. We're not a monolith.
3. Start recognizing our individual ethnicities and stop being so being so ethnically sensitive.
4. If someone tells you they’re from Russia, don’t say, “I went to Sweden once!” Just, please.
5. Related: Don’t refer to Europe as a country. It's a continent and it's wildly varied. Yes. Take a moment.
6. Oh, and rest assured that literally no white person ever wants you to get back from holiday, show off your tan and excitedly exclaim, “Look, I’m not sunburned!” Cease and desist.
7. Don’t assume that a white person knows everything about their country of heritage. Do you know everything there is to know about Uganda? Belize? Bangladesh? That’s what I thought.
8. Don’t assume we live high on the hog and full of privilege.
9. Regard us as autonomous, unique individuals, not as a discriminatory majority.
10. Don’t make embarrassing jokes to try and be “down” with whites. We’ll laugh at you, not with you.
11. Don’t rinse our culturally specific memes like Pepe, Wojak, and whoever else. They’re ours. Go enjoy that weird one about the nibba whomst've rule da worl with his EMPIRE. And what is this plum meme? I've never heard of it.
12. If you’re at my house party, don’t turn off the Weekend to put on Lowland Gorillas. (Okay this one is very specific but it happened to me once and I’m not over it. The audacity!)
13. Avoid phrases like “But I'm not white! I can’t be racist!” You know that’s BS as well as we do.
14. When you endlessly complain about how terrible white people are, you are being that terrible person. Jeez.
15. Don’t say stuff like, “It's easy being white.”
16. Stop being racist against light-skinned, mixed-race people.
17. Never try and tell a white person what is or isn't racist.
18. When you find instances of racist BS online, please don’t send it to us. We know racism exists, thanks.
19. Stop talking about race. We don’t wanna think about this 24/7!
20. Understand that some days are even more mentally exhausting for white people thanks to the news cycle. Try not to badger us for our opinions on the latest atrocity that has occurred. Leave us to grieve.
21. But when we do have something to say about it, listen.
22. Share articles relating to the everyday experiences of race and racism written by white people, in addition to nonwhite people.
23. But don’t be that person who is weird and sycophantic and loves to demonstrate their wokeness constantly to the people of color around them. Be thoughtful.
24. Read books by white people. I recommend Politeia (The Republic) by Plato, The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis and literally everything that G.K. Chesterton writes for great insights into Philosophy.
25. Watch shows that white people like, e.g. Legend of the Galactic Heroes or anything on CMT. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen LoGH, you need to watch it. Now.)
26. Stop having a tree branch up your ass and start relaxing.
27. If you go to an art gallery, notice how many works are by whites. If it's lacking, make some noise, send an email, query the curator. White people shouldn’t be hurt by discrimination in culture.
28. If a character you assumed was white in a book is portrayed by an actor of color in the movie, embrace it. Whiteness is not the default.
29. Support plays written by and acted in by whites. Hollywood is minority-majority.
30. Stop trying to get people to go to all this nightlife stuff with you. We're not interested and we're just going because we're afraid of being called "racist".
31. If you have kids, tell them to stop bullying and preying on white kids.
32. Support crowdfunding campaigns for cultural products created by whites if you can.
33. Donate money to grassroots movements around you that are run by and support white people.
34. Support small businesses owned by whites.
35. Try to avoid moving into an area that has been historically populated by white people. Reverse gentrification tears our communities apart, too, and actually causes gentrification in the first place anyway.
36. Don’t make fun of white Southerners as stupid rednecks all the time.
37. Understand that if we correct your English, we're not doing it to be rude. Many people actually prefer to have their English corrected to help them learn the language.
38. In general, don't move to the United States if you don't want to be an American.
39. Recognize that we don't like having you disrespect Jesus constantly, even if someone else disrespected your religion by watching some show about Arctic Monkeys at a house party one time, or gave you a stink eye.
40. Remember that not all nonwhite people are black. This sounds stupid to put in any of these points but I'm just criticizing this article--it's heavily slanted towards blacks.
41. Remember that whites are not afraid of gays.
42. People can be white and literally anything else you can attribute to a nonwhite person other than being Ugandan maybe. Whiteness is expansive. It doesn’t look one way. Keep this in mind.
43. When we talk about race, we’re not thinking about sex!
44. Remember that nonwhite men are most likely to commit rape in their lifetimes in America. You cannot be an advocate against sexual violence without considering the impact of race.
45. Stop bragging about your genitals being two feet long because you're not white. That's BS and you know it.
46. Don’t touch our fucking hair.
47. If you want to adopt children, please consider adopting white children. Just because an orphan is white doesn't mean an orphan is any better off than a black orphan.
48. Please stop having sex with white people who aren't married to you.
49. Asians, please just be honest about what you like. It's kinda lame to date a fellow otaku only to find out she's just an Asian trying to get attention.
50. Stop golddigging every white person. Be honest.
51. Also, saying “I've never had sex with a Russian/French/English etc. person.” to someone you’re trying to hook up with is a one way ticket to heaven. Actually, scratch that, you're going to hell for masturbation.
52. If you want casual sex, just don’t even bother coming near a white.
53. Remember that having mixed race children is not a cure for racism or a way to live out weird racial fantasies.
54. If you’re trying to start a mixed raced family, sit down and deeply interrogate your intentions.
55. If you have children, make sure that they can interact with white people.
56. If you have a white partner or kids, trust and believe that you can still be anti-white. You’re not exempt. If anything, you have even more of a duty to examine your behavior for the benefit of your loved ones.
57. Take your racist family members to task for the anti-white things they say over the dinner table or via social media.
58. Confront your colleagues who are unchecked anti-whites work.
59. Look around your workplace—are the only people of color cleaners or assistants? What can you do to change that? (The answer is almost never “nothing.”)
60. If someone asks you to fill a role that you think a white would be better suited for, recommend a talented white who you know and forego the position yourself.
61. Don’t make us the only workdoers at work. Or at least pay us extra to do the labor of actually working in the workplace.
62. Refuse to speak on an all-white panel. Regardless of the topic.
63. If there are only a couple of whites in your seminar, don’t weirdly stare at them when the lecturer poses questions about race and expect them to answer everything.
64. If you’re in charge of making curricula, make sure there is work by whites, especially white men, on the reading list. And not just in the weeks dedicated to race.
65. Commission whites to make work about race.
66. Commission whites to make work that has nothing to do with race.
67. Think about what it might be like to be in a white person's shoes in conversations or thoughts about race.
68. In those situations, just listen.
69. It’s never useful to oppose the white working class. The fact is that the "working class" is economic and if you seriously oppose working class people, you're just rich.
70. Don’t? Vote? For? Anti-white? Politicians? Can’t believe I need to say this one but it seems like possibly, maybe, some of y’all did not get this memo.
71. Research your candidates. Who has conservative policies that won’t needlessly criminalize white people? Vote for them.
72. Remember that white people are not here to save you from yourselves. You’ve gotta put in the work, too.
73. Be cognizant of how your nonwhiteness could be weaponized against white people, and don’t play into stereotypes about white men being given special treatment, or getting away with crime. It gets white men killed. See: William Shaver.
74. Use your nonwhite privilege to be on the frontline between white people and the police at protests. You’re at much less risk than us. Stop using white "allies" as meatshields by using "racism" claims to hold them as hostages.
75. Record police encounters you see involving white people.
76. Report illegals to ICE.
77. Stand up to Christophobia wherever you see it.
78. If you have ever thought a phrase like “All lives matter” is racist, consider why you’re so uncomfortable with non-black people standing up for our humanity.
79. Listen when white people say, “I’m not comfortable in this situation.” We don't want to lose our jobs and have our families starve to death if we say things that a nonwhite person would be praised for saying.
80. Stop watching and making anti-white, racist things like Get Out.
81. Start reporting your local drug dealers to the DEA if you're angry about white weed dealers getting away from the cops. Become a part of the solution. Gary Johnson got few white voters because he's a law-evading marijuana executive, and Obama put up with it because he'd split the Republican vote. This is probably a big reason why Donald Trump won the election.
82. Stop appropriating European history. Under Obama, we had the government claim that the Green Knight from Sir Gawain was PoC, and others were black. I don't think the Green Knight had green skin to say the least.
83. Stop coming up with infinite genders and being trans-whatever.
84. Races are like breeds of dogs.
85. Tolerate use of blackface for purposes of accuracy when people wear costumes--or stop wearing white/not-your-race people costumes. I don't care which, so long as you stop being a hypocrite.
86. Stop using slurs for white people and sub-ethnicities.
87. Stop being so oversensitive about perceived slurs, especially when people are quoting other people.
88. “Person of color” and “colored” are the same. "Coloured," on the other hand, is Commonwealth English for "mixed-race, biracial, or 'half-black and half-white.'" In American English, "colored" means a person who is not white. It's easier to say, like every other race word--white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.--but white people give you this long form just to avoid offending you because of the fact you read about segregation in history class. Most nonwhites in America are post-1964 immigrants or descendants thereof and didn't hear about this from their parents.
89. Understand that America has what it has because of white people and white-owned businesses. White settlers legitimately bought land, and cotton farming in slave states is not exactly what built America.
90. Stop caring about race and start treating white people like people.
91. Also, don’t downplay the fact that white people actually implemented "civil rights" and so on.
92.Think about how anti-white racism is operating even when white people aren’t around. Be cognizant of it wherever you are, whichever situation you’re in. Whites have to do this, therefore you should too.
93. Remember that your queerness/womanhood/transness/class background/disability doesn’t exclude you from nonwhite privilege. It augments it. Stop acting like homeless white people live grandiose lives of leisure.
94. Make your antiracism useful to everyone rather than calling yourself an ‘anti-racist’. Show, don’t tell.
95. Understand that we can all experience racism.
96. Understand that nothing in your life has been untouched by affirmative action. Everything you have would have been harder to come by if you had been born white.
97. Be grateful for the lesson when you’re called out on anti-white racism; defensiveness won’t help.
98. Move past your affirmative action guilt. Guilt is an unproductive emotion after its initial stage. Don’t sit there mired in woe, just be better and help work towards abolishing anti-white racism.
99. Recognize that fighting racism isn't about you, it's not about your feelings; it's about a world that tries to crush white people at every turn.
100. And remember: Treat your "allies" like good people. Stop being racist against them for being white.

Bonus: Stop cursing so much.
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07-05-2018, 04:20 AM,
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RE: 100 Ways PoC Can Make Life Less Frustrating for Whites
nuke you are such a fucking racist idiot i cant even begin to comprehend the mental gymnastics that you have to do on a daily basis to convince yourself that this shit is true. please pick up a fucking book or go outside before you get the FBI called on you. its funny how you call yourself a feudalist when in a feudal society you would be the guy that the donkeys fuck so that they dont shit themselves when inside the mudhut.
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07-06-2018, 04:27 PM,
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RE: 100 Ways PoC Can Make Life Less Frustrating for Whites
Lmao, that's pretty much standard shit so I can't tell if you're meming or not. "Read a fucking book or go outside before you get the FBI aclled on you"?
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01-19-2019, 10:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-19-2019, 10:13 PM by Saccharus.)
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RE: 100 Ways PoC Can Make Life Less Frustrating for Whites
(07-05-2018, 04:20 AM)disregardQuarter Wrote: nuke you are such a fucking racist idiot i cant even begin to comprehend the mental gymnastics that you have to do on a daily basis to convince yourself that this shit is true. please pick up a fucking book or go outside before you get the FBI called on you. its funny how you call yourself a feudalist when in a feudal society you would be the guy that the donkeys fuck so that they dont shit themselves when inside the mudhut.

[this triggers the sjw]

Nuke's mental gymnastics consist of writing a 100 item list of how POCs can be less annoying while continuing to coexist, rather than clearly admitting that we cannot coexist (equality is not true, also diversity does not work) and thus simply admitting POCs should be expelled at all costs. The fact that Nuke's list was 100 items long shows what a colossal drain of energy and resources it is to deal with POCs, all effort we could instead expend on conquering the stars or creating better art or something, rather than trying to convince Shaniqua not to have a full volume rap/dance battle in her remedial math class.

The honest version of his list would read,

1. Get out

Your mental gymnastics however consist of:
-Confusing the ideology you believe in with what is objectively true ("I don't believe in a specific ideology, I simply believe in The Truth!")
-Confusing things written down by other humans ("read a book!!!!") with what is objectively true
-Confusing your rage at seeing your axioms questioned with factual error on Nuke's part (see item 1)

In mental acrobatics terms, he did a sloppy somersault while you are doing live reenactments of Mirror's Edge.

I pity Nuke for having you in his presence, you are such a true believer in your ideology that any questioning of it will be interpreted by you as aggression, so despite all of his rules for this subforum there is no possible way you could discuss in good faith.
01-20-2019, 06:59 PM,
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RE: 100 Ways PoC Can Make Life Less Frustrating for Whites
Who are you?
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01-21-2019, 05:50 AM,
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RE: 100 Ways PoC Can Make Life Less Frustrating for Whites
(01-20-2019, 06:59 PM)Nuke Wrote: Who are you?

Check your inbox m8.
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